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We are a group of developers making fun little games, Most of our developers use Clickteam Fusion and Multimedia Fusion2.

Firered4 (Admin)

Lebunnie (Founder)

I am Lebunnie, An MMF2 Developer and the maker of most of the games seen here. I am working on

4 Games, Five Nights at Freddy's: After Fredbear's, And more.

Nathanam0re (Admin)





GAME ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                                                                       

Lebunnie 5/17/2015

"Hey guys, I'm sorry you guys have to hear this but... My data for the fourth game got corrupted, And i do not know how it even happened. I have to redo the whole thing now."

Hi there! I'm Firered4, and I'm with the Xano-Games team. I mostly write dialogue, keep track of stuff, etc, but I also voiced (one of the) Phone Guy(s) in the third game! In my opinion, Springtrap is the best animatronic.

Lebunnie 5/18/2015"

"Hey guys, Here again. I don't know when the 4th game will get finished. I have lots of things to do and i don't even know when i'll finish it."

Hello! My name is FreddyTheEditor, I provide butons, arts, titles, etc for Xano Games. I have also made games myself!